Low Educated Second Language and Literacy (LESLLA) For Adults

LESLLA Student Pages

LESLLA Student Pages contain work done by graduate and undergraduate students in linguistics, adult second language education and other areas related to instruction of LESLLA students. The pages contain: Research articles; dissertations; reviews of books of interest to adult immigrant students, including LESLLA students; and a link to Cracking Good Stories, a website that describes a project to develop basic readers for LESLLA level students. Graduate students at Newcastle University developed this work.

When you submit your work, please make sure you include a page with the following information:

  1. the type of work (undergraduate independent study/dissertation, MA or PhD)
  2. your name and
  3. title, name and location of your university.
The report can be in any language.

Please email martha.young-scholten@newcastle.ac.uk with any questions or for help in preparing your work for the website.

To submit a report, please put it in pdf form and email it to Larry Condelli at Lcondelli@air.org.

Research Projects
Louise Sheppard: Is There or Reason Rhyme

Laura Cunnington: Do Literate or Non-literate adults Learning English as a Second Language Follow a Similar Reading Development Process to English Children?

Kate Moss: Acquisition of English morpho-syntax and the development of reading by immigrant adults

Maite y Felix: Aprendizaje de la Lectorescritura en una Segunda Lengua por Parte de Adultos Anafabetos en su LM .

Book Reviews

Cracking Good Stories
Cracking Good Stories is a project at Newcastle University to create new engaging and accessible fiction for immigrant adults with the most basic reading skills by teaching non-writers to write short fiction books for them. The project is led by Margaret Wilkinson (Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing) and Martha Young-Scholten (Senior Lecturer in Second Language Acquisition). Learn more about the project and order the books, written by students at the project website.