Low Educated Second Language and Literacy (LESLLA) For Adults


Adult Literacy Research in Ontario – This website provides access to bilingual (French and English) research publications and to information that demystifies the process of doing literacy research. Adult Literacy Research in Ontario connects to Ontario-based adult literacy research. Like NALD, this site links to national and international sites outside of Ontario, but only to those sites relevant to research in adult literacy. (http://research.alphaplus.ca/)

ERIC – The Education Resources Information Center, a US-based, federally funded website, produces a database of journal and non-journal education literature. The ERIC online system provides the public with a centralized Web site for searching the bibliographic database of more than 1.1 million citations going back to 1966. More than 107,000 full-text non-journal documents (issued 1993-2004), previously available through fee-based services only, are now available for free. (http://www.eric.ed.gov/)

Illiteracy Map of the World – Teachers and others may find this illiteracy map of the world dated 1999 useful in presentations, publications, and other print and interactive media and materials. For more information and to request authorization to reprint visit: http://www.mapsofworld.com/thematic-maps/world-illiteracy-map.htm. German language readers may search for maps through the Deutsch web portal: http://www.mapsofworld.com/deutsch.

LINCS – the Literacy Information aNd Communication System – is a US-based online information and communications network for adult and family literacy and it contains information regarding technologies in the context of literacy instruction and a rich database of local, regional, and nationally developed materials. (http://www.nifl.gov/lincs)

MPIMigration Policy Institute is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank based in Washington, DC dedicated to the study of the movement of people worldwide. The organization's website houses the Migration Information Source, an online database that offers current and authoritative data on international migration, as well as analysis from migration experts around the world. (http://www.migrationpolicy.org/about; http://www.migrationinformation.org/datahub)

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