Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults (LESLLA)


Projects about LESLLA Learners

Current Projects
LESLLA welcomes information about ongoing projects involving adult literacy-education and second language learners and ideas for international funding sources for new projects.

Eu-Speak  International, on-line teacher training and development at Newcastle University to improve the educational outcomes for immigrant adults without formal schooling

Digital Literacy Instructor' (DigLin), started in January 2013, runs for three years, until 2015. The main aim is to substantially advance literacy training for non-literate adult immigrants learning to read for the first time in Dutch, English, German or Finnish through the use of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) systems.

Presentation and Reports

A Study of the Influence of Phonological Awareness and Orthographic Transparency on Word Attack Skills in LESLLA Learners of English and Spanish.

Overview of LESLLA

LESLLA learners' Minimal Trees, Anne Vainikka and Martha Young-Scholten

The interpretation of inflectional suffixes by low-educated L2 Dutch learners, Loes Oldenkamp

Shaping L2 and literacy acquisition: Teachers' Strategies for Low literacy learners, Alan Williams

An Analysis of Cultural Dissonance: Emergent Readers in High School, Martha Bigelow, Nicole Pettitt and Kendall King (click for hand out / powerpoint presentation)

How do uneducated adult immigrants become readers? PDF file

Adult ESL Literacy Impact StudyWord file