Low Educated Second Language and Literacy (LESLLA) For Adults


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LESLLA was established at the first symposium held at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands on 25-27 August 2005. A second symposium was held in Richmond, Virginia in the United States on 2-3 November 2006 and the third in Newcastle upon Tyne, England on 13-15 September 2007. In 2008, Antwerp, Belgium hosted LESLLA and the 2009 symposium was held in Banff, Alberta, Canada on 28-30 September. The University of Cologne Germany hosted LESLLA 2010. The University of Minnesota hosted LESLLA 2011.

Please follow the links on the left menu to the Symposia for a brief introduction to the purpose of the meeting, the agenda, and materials and presentations to view or download.

Proceedings of the 2005 symposium in Tilburg (nr. 6) and of the 2008 symposium in Antwerp (nr. 15) can be downloaded per paper at: http://lotos.library.uu.nl/index.html

Proceedings for 2006 symposium in Richmond, VA are available at:

Proceedings for 2007 symposium in Newcastle, England are now available.

Proceedings for the 2008 symposium are available at: http://lotos.library.uu.nl/index.html

Proceedings for the 2009 symposium are now available in print.

Proceedings for the 2010 symposium in Cologne, Germany are now available.

Proceedings for the 2011 Symposium in Minneapolis are now available.