LESLLA Board of Directors

Charge and Terms

Charge: (a) perform duties stated in the Constitution; (b) oversee the duties of the officers and committees of LESLLA; (c) meet twice a year, as required by the Constitution; (d) share notices of meetings with LESLLA members.

Terms: Board members will hold office for two years and until their successor is elected. The tenure of any board member shall be maximally two elected terms. 

Leadership Team 

President: Patsy Egan

Vice-President: Rola Naeb

Secretary: Jenna Altherr Flores

Assistant Secretary: Taina Tammelin-Laine

Treasurer: Lisa Gonzalves

Assistant Treasurer: Naeema Begum Hann

Director of Communications: Rai Farrelly


Roles and Responsibilities


The  chief  executive  officer  of  the Organization (LESLLA) is subject to the control of the Board of Directors and supervises and controls the affairs and activities of the Board and the organization and performs all roles of that office and other roles which  may be  required by the  LESLLA Constitution.  Unless another person is appointed, the President will normally preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Organization, executes contracts, checks,  or other instruments  authorized by the Board of Directors.

Vice President

If the President is unable to carry out her/his duties for any reason, the Vice-President performs these duties.  In such circumstances, she or he has the powers of the President and is subject to the same restrictions on the President. 

Secretary & Assistant Secretary

Certify and keeps the original, or a copy, of the Constitution as amended or otherwise updated and all other records of the Organization including a list of members and the details they have provided, at the principal (virtual) office of the organization. 

Notify members of meetings in advance, circulates an agenda for meetings and then keeps a  book (electronic)  of  formal minutes  of  all  meetings  of  the  Board of Directors and the Organization and shortly after each meeting makes these permanently available to all members.

Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer

Is in charge of and is responsible for the funds of the Organization. Receives, provides receipts for monies payable to the Organization from all sources, disburses/manages disbursement of funds and deposits all such funds in the name of  the Organization in a depository selected by the Board of Directors. Maintains accounts of all of the Organization's transactions, responds to requests for accounts of transactions, prepares financial statements to be included in any required reports and prepares an annual treasurer’s report for the annual general meeting of the Organization.

Director of Communications

Responsible for overseeing all forms of communication including the website (either maintaining it or monitoring this), the listserv and social media. She/he can introduce new forms of communication with the approval of the Board of Directors. S/he presents a report to the annual general meeting.