How to Cite Research Published in the LESLLA Proceedings

As researchers, practitioners and policy-makers, we are so fortunate to have published proceedings from the LESLLA Annual Symposia dating back to 2005! You can find most of the published proceedings as well as additional resources such as event programs, presenters’ presentation slides, handouts, and more on our website. Just click here.

Have you ever cited published work from the LESLLA proceedings? If you have, then you’ve probably faced the question of what to do when it comes to formatting the citation and referring to LESLLA!

Once upon our youth as an organization, LESLLA was an acronym that stood for “Low-Educated Second Language and Literacy Acquisition.” Recently, as we formalized as an international non-profit organization, we also updated the acronym to stand for “Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults.”

With this change, there is understandable confusion about how to refer to LESLLA proceedings since the name has changed. The Board of Directors, all scholars who have had the need to cite LESLLA proceedings themselves, thought a citation style guide could be helpful in establishing some consistency.

Thanks to board members Jenna Altherr Flores and Naeema Hann we have this citation style guide and we hope you find it useful. Please send any feedback or inquiries to Happy publishing!

(Information also linked here on our website.)

Raichle Farrelly