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LESLLA Annual Symposia Proceedings

The published proceedings from the Annual LESLLA symposia are openly available to everyone. Please visit our Annual LESLLA Symposia page. There you will find resources available from each of the symposia dating back to 2005. The quantity and type of resources varies from year to year depending on the organizers of particular meetings. In many cases, we have provided conference programs, presenter slides, handouts, and more. There are some gaps, which we hope to fill as organizers of those past conferences send along available resources.

As a small grassroots organization, hosting institutions have traditionally solicited, edited, and published the proceedings on their own with funds they raised through conference registration fees and other grants they were able to secure through their organization and other supporting institutions.

In 2019, the Board of Directors created a new position — Publications Coordinator. We welcome Nicole Pettitt as our newly elected Publications Coordinator. She will work with hosting organizations to ensure that the conference proceedings is published in a timely and professional manner. We are hoping to move toward an open source, online journal to simplify access to the deep knowledge base that we are collectively building as the LESLLA community. We aim to ensure the ‘rigor’ of the publication for those who need peer reviewed journal publications on their resume for tenure and promotion.

We look forward to making a move in this direction in the coming year. In the meantime, enjoy the wealth of resources we have compiled thus far.