Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults

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Research, Education, Advocacy

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Classroom Practices

LESLLA teachers have been increasingly creating and sharing useful resources for teaching LESLLA learners. Follow this link to access a bank of resources for your teaching practice. 

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LESLLA research base is growing and growing. Follow this link to find research on second language acquisition, instructional strategies, teacher development, and more.

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Education Policy

Educational policy varies from country to country and even region to region within countries. LESLLA practitioners and researchers, as well as our learners benefit when we know the educational policies that impact the teacher and student experience. 

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Immigration & Language Policy

Every country has its unique immigration and language policies that impact our learners. As educators and researchers, we have the responsibility to know the policies in our contexts so that we can serve as advocates for adult immigrant and refugee-background populations. 

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The Ripple Effect of Adult Education

Refugee-background youth hiking in Vermont, USA.

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Highlights, Updates, Success Stories

Celebrating the work of the LESLLA community of practice. 

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