LESLLA teachers are often seeking affordable, in-house tools for assessing learners' language proficiency and literacy. Here are some resources to know about.

If you have additional assessment tools you’d like to share with the LESLLA community, please email them to and we’ll post to this page.

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Beginning Alphabetics Tests and Tools (BATT)

Beginning Alphabetics Tests and Tools (BATT) strives to provide a ‘principled’ system for ABE/ESL teachers who want and/or need to develop their students’ knowledge of Roman alphabet letters, English letter-sound patterns, sight or high frequency words, and transfer of those lettersound-word skills to text fluency and comprehension. BATT was created by Marn Frank, ATLAS Literacy & STAR Coordinator and Kristin Perry, Hmong American Partnership ESL teacher and ATLAS Consultant.

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Native Language Literacy Assessment (NLLA)

NLLA was created by developed by Kendall King and Martha Bigelow (Second Language Education, University of Minnesota) in collaboration with students, faculty and staff at Wellstone International High School, the Multilingual Department; and the New Family Center of Minneapolis Public Schools. It offers a simple assessment of native language literacy in the following languages: English, Amharic, Arabic, Oromo, Somali, Spanish & Swahili.