Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults (LESLLA) - Our Story

LESLLA began in 2005 at the First Annual Symposium in Tilburg, Netherlands. There was a small cohort of 15-20 in attendance, all convened in a single classroom. Following this meeting, it was decided that English would be the official language of the international, grass roots consortium. A website was launched and managed by Larry Condelli. Larry and Nancy Faux offered to host the Second Annual Symposium at Virginia Commonwealth University the following year. It wasn't until the Third Annual Symposium that the acronym was adopted and a research agenda was developed. Initially, LESLLA stood for 'Low Educated Second Language and Literacy for Adults'. In 2017, a revision of the acronym resulted in the current name: Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults.

In 2018, we are coming together for our 14th Annual LESLLA Symposium, which by now has really grown into a proper conference with researchers, practitioners and policymakers coming together from all around the world! We will be formalizing as an international organization with an Executive CommitteeConstitution, and ByLaws.

This page is devoted to the founders of this small, but growing organization. LESLLA celebrates you!!

Larry at LESLLA.jpg

Larry Condelli


Ineke van de Craats

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Nancy FAux


Roeland van Hout

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Jeanne Kurvers

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Martha Young-Scholten